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Uncover the legacy of Australia's most successful women's basketball program as they chase their first-ever three-peat during a global pandemic.

GO BIG bounces back and forth between the 2020 WNBL hub season and historic moments of the UC Capitals franchise (similar to ESPN's 'The Last Dance').


The documentary explores not only the on-court success of 9 championships in 20 years but also the club's ability to lead from the front off-the-court with actions like:

  • Being the first Australian professional sports team to wear the Pride rainbow on their jersey (2016)

  • Lauren Jackson's $1M Dollar Contract - the largest female sporting contract in Australian history and still unmatched 10 years later!

  • Their support of a family environment with players like Tracey Beatty and Abby Bishop having kids around the team at a time when that wasn't happening in most other workplaces, let alone professional sporting teams.


Despite being Australia's most successful women's basketball club, the Caps had never achieved a 3-peat, having attempted three over the last 20 years.

Heading into the Covid impacted 2020 WNBL "Hub Season" in North Queensland, the Caps chase the elusive 3-peat (one Lauren Jackson and the Hall of Famers before them never managed to secure) to further stamp their mark in the WNBL history books.


Australia's most successful female professional basketball program.


Since 1987, The UC Capitals have won 9 WNBL championships making them the most successful WNBL team in history and Canberra’s most accomplished national sporting team.

A true hometown icon, throughout the early 00's and before women's sport had progressed to its current standing, the Caps were regularly selling out 5,000 seat crowds and printing on double-page spreads in the local paper.

And while known for their on-court success, their off-court pioneering of diversity and equality is equally as impressive. The Caps were the first national sporting team to wear pride colours on a jersey for a season, they also negotiated the largest female athlete contract in Australian sports history (Lauren Jackson for $1,000,000).

The Caps are trailblazers on and off the court.


This is their story.


Trophy icon.png






Most successful team in

WNBL  history (9)

Most successful national sporting team in Canberra


High profile players & staff

UC Ownership

3x keys to the City


ACT Citizen of the Year (‘19)


Accessibility & Fandom


Media / Publicity

Women in sport

Pioneers of the pride jersey


$1M Lauren Jackson contract

Racism awareness
('We Got You' campaign)


The Go Big documentary has been featured on the following news platforms:

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To complete the production and post-production of the documentary we are currently seeking private investors and community funding through the Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF).


DAF is an organisation who enables impact documentary projects to raise tax-deductible funding and make it possible for passionate philanthropists to collaborate with filmmakers to tell stories that change lives.

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